Liberal Group Creates Anti-Trump Dating Site

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Kyle Morris Contributor
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In response to a pro-Trump dating site that launched last month, a liberal group has designed a dating site for those who are critical of President Trump.

The site NeverTrump.Dating, founded by American Liberal Council (ALC), describes the site as “an all-inclusive, love-pairing dating site for those who oppose and resist President Donald Trump.”

According to a press release from ALC, the website was “made with progressives, independents, disillusioned Republicans, and the LGBT community in mind.”

The site’s homepage, which contains the headline “A SAFE SPACE WHERE ALL LIBERALS ARE WELCOME,” features a statement saying, “Unlike the political opposition, we’re keeping our doors open. No matter what your sexual orientation, race, or creed might be, there’s a place for you on NeverTrump.Dating. The far right can try their hardest to put us in a box, and strip away our rights, but they’ll lose in the end, and our victory starts with couples that are united in social justice. Let’s make the world a better place, two liberals at a time.”

The site allows those that are like-minded to join together in opposition to “the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power,” according to ALC founder Ted Brown.

“Our Democracy can still be saved,” Brown said. “But in order to do so, we must join together those with like-minded beliefs and stand for tolerance and justice for all. We need allies who will never back down to the corrupt, morally-bankrupt administration in power – and we can do that right here.”

The website launches on the heels of, a website created for those in favor of President Trump who are seeking a romantic match.

The two websites bear a striking resemblance and exhibit many of the same features.

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