Brian Stelter Won’t Tell You He Hates This Media Organization When He Covers It

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CNN’s senior media reporter has a habit of being critical of Sinclair Broadcast Group — a media conglomerate that owns a number of local television stations — and The Daily Caller News Foundation found out why.

Brian Stelter won’t tell his audience he doesn’t just question Sinclair’s editorial choices but thinks the entire company is “evil.”

Back when Stelter was just starting to make a name for himself at the ripe age of 18, The Baltimore Sun wrote a glowing article in 2004, calling his “writing beyond his years” and applauded how he “is widely credited as steering clear of the ideological slants that typify much internet commentary.”

Except when it comes to Sinclair.

Stelter protested the move when the company decided to not air an episode of ABC’s “Nightline,” which was devoted to reading the names of American soldiers killed in Iraq.


Stelter “made placards denouncing the decision and left them in the Sinclair parking lot,” according to The Sun.

“It was kind of silly,” Stelter told the paper. “It was my way of venting at Sinclair for what I saw as clear censorship.”

“It’s really weird to know that evil operation is only 10 minutes away,” Stelter said of Sinclair.

Stelter hasn’t disclosed his strong feelings during segments about Sinclair in his weekly show, “Reliable Sources.”

Stelter told TheDCNF the following in a statement from CNN’s communication’s department:

That was a silly comment made when I was 18 years old. It’s not my job to qualify news organizations as good or evil. My job is to the report the news.

Stelter wrote “Sinclair’s new media-bashing promos rankle local anchors” on Wednesday, reporting on tensions within some Sinclair-owned stations over what some see as “pro-Trump propaganda.”

Stelter went on to describe concern by some at Sinclair over so-called “media bashing.”

Are Sinclair’s “segments almost propaganda?” Reliable Sources asked in a July 2017 report.

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