14-Year-Old Dressed As A Cop And Tried To Make Traffic Stops And Respond 911 Calls

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A California 14-year-old is facing felony charges after he repeatedly dressed up as a cop and attempted to make traffic stops, eventually even trying to respond to a domestic violence call.

Police found fake cop gear and guns in his home that were possibly purchased online, according to CBS News. Police only caught him when he pulled up to a home with flashing red and blue lights. He told a neighbor and her granddaughter he was there for a domestic violence call.

Sharon Khawlid initially believed him due to the lights on his vehicle and realistic-looking gun, but his story eventually started to fall apart.

“He looked like, baggy clothing, kind of casual, like a security guard that was just given a job,” said Jasmine Jones, Khawlid’s granddaughter. “He kept wiping his nose. He was fidgety.”

Police eventually arrested the boy and found the uniform, a gun belt, a ballistic vest, and a helmet in his home. He was booked and slapped with a felony charge for impersonating a police officer. Since he is 14 years old, he also did not have a driver’s license.

Police have not released his name or motive, and he is currently being held in a juvenile detention center.

The case mirrors that of a 10-year-old Ohio boy who stole his mother’s car in October 2017 and led her and police on a 50-mile chase, but was still not able to escape Ohio.

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Police received initial reports of a mother in Ohio wildly chasing her son at a speed of “at least 90” on the freeway at 9 a.m. Eventually, eight police cruisers took over the mother’s parental duties and forced the boy into the ditch, where he continued driving until his vehicle got stuck and slid into a freeway sign, Cleveland 19 reported. The boy was not injured and police did not release his name due to his age.

“One of the troopers made visual contact eye-to-eye contact with the child and motioned for him to pull over, and the child physically shook his head no and continued driving,” said patrol trooper Richard Reeder.

When all else had failed, police laid tire tracks across the freeway to disable the vehicle.

“We were able to put them all the way across the road way, the Ohio Turnpike, three lanes. At that point in time, the child swerved to the right and started driving in the ditch,” Reeder said.

Dashcam footage of the chase shows the boy driving a considerable distance in the ditch before the car got stuck. However, the boy didn’t get any more compliant when police were able to approach the vehicle.

“When we were able to get him out of the car he was very agitated,” Reeder said. “He kicked one of the troopers in the shin, he then spit in the face of the same trooper.”

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