We’ve Got A New Harambe Level Zoo Scandal On Our Hands

(Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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There’s a growing movement to shut down a zoo in Indonesia after a visitor tossed a cigarette into an orangutan cage and the animal started smoking it. Luckily for us, the incident was all caught on camera. And the footage is unbelievable.

This isn’t some fake video cut a bunch of times to make it look real. It took place earlier this week at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia and that animal is a very real 22 year old orangutan named Odon. Unfortunately for the Bandug Zoo, a online petition titled “Shut down the Bandung Zoo now!” has gotten close to one million signatures and wants to close the zoo after the little orangutan incident.

People are just way too sensitive these days. Watch this video with audio. At the time, everyone was laughing about Odon and his little addiction. Now animal rights activists and their little buddies are taking this way too far and trying to ruin a perfectly fine business in Indonesia.

I’m not going to defend smoking cigarettes. Tobacco habits are never really a good idea. But there’s something so innately engrained in primates to take something like a cigarette or a pipe and smoke it. Don’t we remember that Indonesian baby chain smoking cigarettes from a few years ago?

Indonesia’s a wild place. And this stuff is instinct. And you can’t fight instinct, baby.

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