Police Don’t Know If Accused ‘Kill All White People’ Murderer Had Racial Motive


Justin Caruso Contributor
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A Missouri man who has been indicted in the killing of three white men specifically threatened white people — but the police don’t think that killings are racially motivated.

Fox News reports that “Fredrick Demond Scott, 23, was indicted by a grand jury in the deaths of David Lenox, 67, Timothy Rice, 57, and Michael Darby, 61.”

Scott previously threatened to “kill all white people” in 2014, however, according to the Kansas City Star, police claim not to know if the killings were racially motivated. (RELATED: Report: Man Arrested After Threatening To Attack School, ‘Kill All White People’)

According to FBI statistics released last year and reported on by The Daily Caller, anti-white hate crimes were the fastest growing kind of racial hate crime from 2015 to 2016.

Indeed, 2016 saw a 19.34 percent increase in anti-white hate crimes from the previous year. There were also more hate crimes in general. (RELATED: FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes In America)

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