McCain Scoffs At Behar After She Questions Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain scoffed at her co-host Joy Behar after she questioned whether President Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un was just to distract people.

The remarks came during a panel discussion on “The View” Friday over the president’s announcement that he will meet with the North Korean leader by May over “permanent denuclearization” of their country.

“I was shocked last night when I was watching this,” McCain explained. “I will say that no president has ever successfully been able to do this, to get the leader of North Korea to sit down at the table. There’s almost this idea that you’re fighting — and I don’t mean this in the way it’s going to sound but both of these men are kind of crazy like a fox and maybe there’s something to be said for trying a completely different tactic which was president Trump’s argument was during the election when he was running for president.”

“I’m very cautiously optimistic on this,” she added. “This is a country who has tortured, starvation, forced labor, just YouTube the video of Kim Jong-un’s brother-in-law being maced in the face and poisoned and killed. These are people who are not rationale. It’s as simple as I hope our president is highly guarded when he’s there. They’re completely irrational world actors and if he can pull this off, then there’s going to be a lot of Democrats eating crow across the country.”

“Well this sure did knock Stormy Daniels out of the headlines,” Behar responded. “Could this also be something to distract people from Stormy, Russia and the general chaos at the White House?”

“How could he get North Korea to do this– I find it hard to believe that Kim Jong Un would be sending a message out saying we’re okay to meet in the middle of this sex scandal.”

“It’s interesting though,” Behar repeated. “It’s not on the front page of any the big newspapers again. Stormy’s not.”