‘If You Are So Hateful’ — Meghan McCain Destroys Democrats Over Farrakhan Connections

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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The View discussed Louis Farrakhan’s connections to Democratic politicians Friday, and Meghan McCain let Joy Behar have it for trying to downplay Farrakhan’s racist views.


“There’s a difference between meeting with someone who I think is a hate leader — like I wouldn’t meet with David Duke. There are people I would not meet with, period,” McCain stated. “He is in the same vein as David Duke. If you are so hateful and you think Hitler was a great man, I don’t think you deserve a platform.”

As McCain mentioned, Louis Farrakhan has previously called Adolf Hitler a “very great man.”

Joy Behar argued that “everybody has baggage.”

“Unless you’re in utero, you have baggage,” she said.

More back and forth occurred, and Behar repeated again, “everyone has baggage.”

Megan McCain responded by blowing that argument out of the water.

“I agree, but my baggage isn’t that I think Hitler is a great man,” she said.

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