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Save Over 70 Percent This Compact And Sleek Bluetooth Speaker

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Are you searching for a Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch? How about one compact in size and remote controlled? Well, look no further because this audio accessory is perfect for you! With the Bluetooth Hi-Fi Soundbar with Remote, enhance any room’s audio capabilities — from the living room to the man cave — with a compact and sleek device that costs just $40.

Normally $150, this soundbar is 73 percent off

Normally $150, this soundbar is 73 percent off

Bluetooth Hi-Fi SoundBar with Remote on sale for $40

Whether you’re looking to bump songs or amplify TV speakers, this soundbar has you covered. With dual built-in bass diaphragms and the latest Bluetooth tech, the hi-fi speaker gives you pure, crisp sound whenever you need it. Meaning, your favorite music comes to life like you’re standing in the first row at a concert, or you’re hearing football players discuss their next play like you’re actually in the huddle.

Even better, tune into all of these experiences without even leaving the comfort of your couch. Thanks to an included remote, you control everything — from changing the track to adjusting volume — while music streams from your smartphone or a touchdown causes the crowd to erupt from your television. The soundbar also attaches to other monitors with an included AUX/RCA cable. So, if you’re a PC player looking for a simple way to improve the thrill of any game, this powerful device works great for you, too.

Enjoy incredible audio experiences today for only $40, saving big off the original price of $149.99, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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