These Vintage Style Mason Jar Glasses Are Almost 75 Percent Off

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Believe it or not, it’s almost spring time! What better way to be prepared for the warmer months than to get your lemonade (or iced tea) glasses today while they’re on a massive sale? That’s right. Amazon is selling your favorite mason jar glasses with lids and straws for nearly 75 percent off their original price!

Stay glassy with these mason jar mugs (Photo via Amazon)

Stay glassy with these mason jar mugs (Photo via Amazon)

Vintage Styled Lidded Mason Drinking Jars on sale for $9.17

This is an awesome deal. You get a set of four glasses plus bonus iced tea and lemonade recipes for less than $10! These dishwasher-safe glasses add a nice garden-party flair to any beverage. Just imagine kicking back in the sun with one of these mason jar glasses full of your favorite drink. You could even use these as a great party favor filled with candies!

This set of mason jar glasses is an Amazon best seller! They average a four star rating and their purchasers love them:

“Cool glasses. Will be perfect for refreshments while hanging out on the deck or porch” – RJB, 5 stars

“I just love this set of vintage mason drinking jars. They’re super cute setting out as decor when you’re not drinking from them and a perfect little drinking glass with a lid to keep bugs and things out of them.” – Lagean M Ellis, 5 stars

Be the talk of the neighborhood with these glasses at your next party! Get a set for over $25 off today!

With a deal this good, how can you not get a set? (Photo via Amazon)

With a deal this good, how can you not get a set? (Photo via Amazon)

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