Tommy Vietor Gets Double-Tapped For Catty Response To Trump’s Kim Jong Un Announcement

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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As is tradition, Tommy Vietor responded to the latest news involving President Trump with a snarky tweet.

“Why would the Trump administration announce this like it’s an accomplishment?” President Obama’s former National Security Council spokesman wrote of Trump’s decision to meet with North Korea’s dictator and chief madman Kim Jong Un Thursday evening. “It’s a conversation with a homicidal dictator not an invitation to the Met Gala.”

Perhaps frustration that his podcast hasn’t yet led to the ouster of President not-Hillary Clinton pushed Vietor to lash out at POTUS. Perhaps, he did it simply out of boredom. No matter the reason, National Review’s Dan McLaughlin saw the tweet as an opportunity to clown on him, and he took it.


Now, the first joke needs no explanation, but here’s one anyway.

President Obama spent much of his 2016 trip to Havana, Cuba palling around with current Cuban President and former communist death squad leader Raul Castro. In fact, the two year anniversary of their super awkward hand shake is coming up later this month. Thank God for timing.


McLaughlin’s second dig was slightly more subtle and quite possibly flew over the head of anyone living outside the DC beltway.

Back in 2014, Vietor — during an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier — infamously argued that, like, conservatives should just, like, get over Benghazi already ‘cuz it “was, like, two years ago.”



People don’t forget, Tom.

Hopefully your HBO show has a better run than The Circus.

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