Take Back Power With This 5-ft Power Extension Solution

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Sick and tired of dealing with hard-to-reach outlets that all too often cause headaches? Want to relax knowing your favorite device is charging safely next to you instead of on the floor and across the room? With a MOS Reach 5-Ft Power Extension Solution, make your power outlet work for you with a convenient solution that costs just $21.99.

Normally $30, this extension cord is 26 percent off

Normally $30, this extension cord is 26 percent off

MOS Reach 5-Ft Power Extension Solution on sale for $21.99

Instead of reaching into cramped and dusty spaces — behind your desk or underneath your bed — MOS Reach brings the power to you. Just plug it into any outlet and mount it wherever you want. Then enjoy two USB ports and a three-prong AC outlet. Meaning, this ingenious invention lets you extend the length of any outlet up to five feet, which is incredibly helpful for everyday life in the office or at home.

Even better, the black extension solution has a soft-touch TPE cable jacket that is safe, which means any children or pets can pick it up or sniff it without harming themselves. Also, thanks to a 45-degree angle power plug, this extension solution fits in tight spaces, making seemingly inaccessible outlets easy to use.

Take power back into your hands with this 5-ft extension solution for only $21.99, 26 percent off the original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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