Trump Sees Trudeau As ‘A Strong Leader,’ Says Scaramucci

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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In an interview aired Sunday on CTV News, one-time White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said President Donald Trump sees Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a “strong leader.”

“He sees him as a very strong leader, perhaps somewhat different politically on certain views, but I think he enjoys his personality and he enjoys his charisma and he likes his youth and his energy, there’s no question about that,” Scaramucci told CTV’s “Question Period.”

The short-lived communications guru also told Canadians to relax over Trump’s tough trade talk and bluster on the North American Free Trade Agreement because the president “clearly sees Canada, and your prime minister, as a great ally.”

Scaramucci suggested that Trump just likes to use shock talk: but that it has worked well in the case of North Korea.

“He has a negotiating position where he punches you in the face first, and then starts the negotiation, and he’s probably done that for 45 years… So I think he’s applying that tactic now,” Scaramucci said of the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

Scaramucci contrasted Trump’s uncompromising position with North Korea and his trade position with Canada, which he said was characterized by “some level of symmetry and fairness” because “the standing relationship” between Canada and the U.S. is “too sacred to both our nations.”

He continued, “I don’t see a situation where we’re in a conflagration with each other. The standing relationship has been too great, and it’s too sacred to both of our great nations, so I predict that this thing will end in a compromise.”

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