Cops Light Up Kid Who Tells Them They’re Fat, Says His Dad Is A Federal Attorney

Handcuffs (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A video is circulating around the web of an unidentified kid absolutely getting rocked by the police, and the verbal exchange is gold.

Barstool Clemson posted a video of the event over the weekend with the caption, “This video is filled with absolute gold note to kids: calling a cop a fatass and following it up with “My dad is a federal attorney, I dare you” is not a recipe for success.”

Yeah, so, it turns out shouting to the cops that they’re a “fatass” and that your dad is an attorney isn’t the best best formula to get out of handcuffs.

Cops take so much garbage. They’re ragged on in the media, people protest them and so much more. I hope all those loser protesters see this video, and realize all the crap police have to put up with. Major props to these officers for not destroying this kid when he kept running his mouth.

How dumb is this moron? Here is some free advice for all you idiots out there who apparently don’t know how to interact with the police. You shut the hell up and be polite when police are putting you in handcuffs. You can fight it in court later, but you damn sure don’t do it while tanked on the street. That’s a losing proposition every single day. Also, don’t call them a fatass as they’re restraining you on the ground.

Shut your mouth, be polite, don’t resit, follow orders and deal with everything later. I hope they lock up this kid and magically lose the key.

Here’s some more free advice for our brainless friend clearly compensating for something. People with actual influence or money don’t feel the need to tell people about it. It’s simply a known fact. Just food for thought for our guy.

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