De Blasio Cries Sexism Because His Wife Doesn’t Get Paid As First Lady

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Jena Greene Reporter
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has set his sights on a new cause to fight for: wage gaps in the political elite.

Last week he complained that it’s unfair that his wife doesn’t get paid for being the First Lady of Manhattan, citing gender pay gaps and sexism.

“I don’t understand it because if someone’s working full-time and is a professional with a lot of background and applying themselves, I don’t understand why they can’t get paid,” he said when a reporter asked him about his wife’s role in public. “In many, many cases, it is a man who holds public office and a woman who is his spouse who has a lot of professional background in a position to contribute. And if they’re told they can’t get any compensation, it’s basically encouraging them not to play that public role and not to be involved in the big issues.”

In other words, nepotism laws are just a little too airtight for de Blasio’s liking.

And when a reporter informed him that there are nepotism rules in place for a reason, he simply pulled the sexist card.

“There’s good historical reasons for the law, but it has unintended consequences and it particularly hits women unfairly, in my opinion,” he said.

This is classic leftist warfare. You suggest there’s something wrong with the system in place and when somebody counters you with a rational argument, you just pull the racist/homophobic/sexist/you-name-it card and shut down any hope for a meaningful discussion. But the actual truth is clear as day. It wouldn’t be any different if de Blasio’s wife was the mayor of Manhattan and he wasn’t getting paid. Then what? Would it be reverse sexism? Perhaps reverse racism?

Not to mention, de Blasio’s mindset is rife with entitlement. The guy’s worth north of $1.5 million and sits as the mayor of one of the richest cities. He’s done next to nothing to help the homeless or the impoverished, and his astronomical tax policies are driving out the middle class in record numbers. They own two rental properties in Brooklyn and reside in the historic Grace Mansion, all expenses paid. Yet he’s unhappy that his wife isn’t getting her fare share of tax payers’ dollars because of ‘sexism.’

It’s about as refreshing as a week old gym bag to hear elite politicians lecture average Americans about unfair payment and hidden bigotry. The patriarchy they hold such contempt for is only further perpetuated by out of touch politicians who stand behind their lecterns and armed bodyguards and call us ignorant.

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