Vegas Casino Owner Drops Nearly $400,000 On Opening Round March Madness Games

March Madness (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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March Madness is the time to blow some money, and Vegas casino The D owner Derek Stevens dropped nearly $400,000 on the opening round games.

Stevens bet a total of $385,000 on the opening round games, and picked a total of 18 underdogs, according to Busted Coverage.

I love gambling, and I hope like hell someday I’m rich enough to drop $385,000 on the opening round of March Madness. That’d be the life. Just fly out to Vegas for the first four days, blow six-figures on some basketball and tear it up on the strip.

This is another example of March Madness is so awesome. He’s got so much riding on the line and so many games to watch. You better believe he’s going to be invested in every single game. I mean, March Madness is already fun enough. Toss a small fortune on the line, and things are about to get real extremely quick.

I hope he does well because I want everybody cheering for me in about 20 years when I’m dropping the price of a sports car on the opening games, which will be infinitely money better spent than on an actual car.

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