Woman’s Memoir Details Childhood Experience In Sex Cult [VIDEO]

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A woman is detailing her childhood experience in a sex cult, in a memoir set for release on Tuesday.

Flor Edwards, 36, a community college teacher in California, details her experience in the apocalyptic sex cult “Children of God” and her harrowing escape, in a new memoir called “Apocalypse Child: A Life In End Times,” reported the New York Post. Edwards grew up in Thailand, one of 12 children who grew up doing practice drills preparing for the apocalypse.


She was instructed that the West had satanic influences. Members were told to breed as much as possible to produce “end-time soldiers,” and were brainwashed to believe the world was supposed to end in 1993. When Edwards was younger, she was taught that she would live until the age 12.

“It started out very innocent. A bunch of young hippies joining together … and trying to do good things,” said Edwards. The “Children of God” cult started in 1968 by David Berg ,”Father David,” who claimed he was a mouthpiece of God. The cult gained support from young hippies and at first echoed the ideas of peace, free love, sharing and lack of material possessions.

Edwards’ father dropped out of college to join the movement with his five brothers. Her parents met at a “Children of God” commune in Spain in 1978, according to the New York Post.

The “Children of God” also encourages incest and for adults to have sex with children. Edwards details her own experience with the sexual abuse within the cult.

“I am fully aware that all the adults are inside engaging in sexual congregation,” wrote Edwards, recalling a memory from age three. “I don’t know how I know, but I’m certain an orgy is taking place inside.” Edwards was instructed to engage in “flirty fishing,” a practice where members were encouraged to promote the cult by “show[ing] God’s love” through sex. Edwards was dressed in a frilly dress at age nine to attract new members.

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“Father David” would mail notes, instructing her family to move around to different compounds. “Father David” told cult members in 1994 that God decided to give an extension for the apocalypse and that people should start moving back to the West. Edwards’ family moved to Chicago and eventually California. Once in California, Edwards and her sisters convinced her parents to leave the cult. “They left the group for us,” she said.

Following her departure from the cult, adjusting to life in California in her teenage years was difficult, she says. She received a degree from the University of California, Riverside. Her childhood may have been taken away from her, but she does not have a grudge against her parents.

Her parents “loved” her memoir, she said.

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