Israeli PM Netanyahu Describes America In One Word

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday night if he could describe America in one word, it would be “freedom.”


What is it about America that you find so profound and so compelling? You spend a lot of time here,” host Mark Levin asked Netanyahu during a Fox News interview Sunday.

Netanyahu responded that he would describe America as “freedom.”

“Well, I think, in one word, freedom. Freedom. Because I think that America has been the vanguard of freedom, and without the United States of America, you wouldn’t have freedom in the world, and freedom is what makes life worth living. Freedom, innovation, informality,” Netanyahu said. 

The fact that America is a meritocracy, okay? It’s not a class society. If you’re good, if you have the smarts and the ambition, you can do it, and this is a message for everybody. At least it should be. That’s the way I see America, that’s what I encountered in America and I thought should be brought to Israel and in many ways, it influenced my thinking certainly on the questions of the economy and innovation. Because I saw great things, but there’s something else, that anybody could tell if you they’re objective about it,” Netanyahu continued.

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