Former NFL Lineman Roy Miller’s Divorce Gets Nasty After Domestic Violence Allegations

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Kansas City Chiefs lineman Roy Miller is in the middle of a pretty nasty divorce right now. He was cut by the Chiefs in November after he was charged for domestic violence in Florida.

And now that the divorce proceedings are going through, Miller’s wife is airing out the couple’s dirty laundry for everyone to see.

According to TMZ, Miller’s wife handed over the divorce papers and also got a temporary restraining order against the former lineman for allegedly ripping hair out of her head in front of their kids. She also says he’s a violent alcoholic and a terrible dad.

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But it doesn’t sound like Miller is going down without a fight. His wife says he’s been taking tons of cash out of their bank account, probably to stash away before the divorce gets finalized. He’s also countered his wife’s allegations and filed paperwork claiming he’s not an abuser. Court proceedings are likely to continue later this year.

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