‘Inside-The-Beltway Porn’ — Meghan McCain Gives The View A Brutal Reality Check On Trump’s Popularity

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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The View’s Meghan McCain gave her fellow panelists a harsh reality check about President Trump’s supporters Monday.

“It didn’t impact them.”


“I love that the president said that he would be boring if he didn’t talk this way. He said that to people,” Joy Behar said.

“He said I would be boring. What’s boring is the Constitution, foreign policy, understanding the economy. He should be a little more boring,” she added.

McCain said, “He was in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, which is a district he won by 20 points, so it’s truly his base. Listen, his polls are up. 50 percent voter approval rating with Rasmussen. Real Clear Politics has his approval at 40.9%, highest it’s been in his term so far.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Asks Adam Schiff To Back Up His Collusion Claims. It Doesn’t Go Well.)

“I’m telling you, I have this new term that I coined,” McCain continued. “I call it inside-the-beltway porn. Where all of us inside the beltway and media are freaking out, going crazy. I don’t like what he’s done either, I don’t like it. His voters, for whatever reason again, I said it on the show before, I’m not a psychologist, I don’t completely understand it–it doesn’t impact them.” (RELATED: ‘So Turned Off’ – Meghan McCain Unloads On Hillary And The Audience Erupts Into Applause)

“But isn’t it so beneath the dignity of the office? I’ve always respected the office,” Sunny Hostin said.

McCain then brought up Bill Clinton, and she didn’t hold back.

“So is getting oral sex in the White House,” McCain said.

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