UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Calls Out Russia For Violating Syrian Ceasefire

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley reprimanded Russia for violating a ceasefire in Syria at a United Nations Security Meeting Monday.


“We attempted to work with Russia in good faith to end the violence in Syria. As a result, 16 days ago, we came to an agreement,” Haley began.

However, Haley said, the Russians reneged on their commitment to stop killings in Syria.

“Today, we know that the Russians did not keep their commitment,” Haley stated.

“The Syrian and Russian regimes insist that they are targeting terrorists, but their bombs and artillery continue to fall on hospitals and schools, and on innocent civilians,” Haley said. “They have deliberately, and with pre-meditation, exploited a loophole they negotiated in the ceasefire to continue starving and pummeling hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians. They have made a mockery of this process, and this institution. For the sake of the Syrian people, and the integrity of this council, we must respond and take action.”

“The ceasefire has failed,” Haley continued.

Haley explained that a new ceasefire will be drafted that “contains no counter-terrorism loopholes for Assad, Iran, and the Russians to hide behind.”

“If they will not keep their word once they’ve agreed to a ceasefire, then how can we trust them?” Haley posed.

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