O.J. Simpson’s Entire Fox Interview Was Out Of This World Bizarre

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fox aired the O.J. Simpson interview it had shelved for the past 12 years Sunday night, and it was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

The interview was shot a couple years before Simpson was arrested on multiple charges in Nevada, and never initially aired due to outrage. Last night was the moment Fox decided to finally let the public see Simpson explain the “hypothetical” way he would have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

The legendary running back talked about how in the “hypothetical” he took a knife from his friend after being confronted by Goldman, blacked out and came out of it to see the two of them dead with blood everywhere. It’s a pretty wild hypothetical situation to come up with off the top of your head, especially because he specifically said he remembered taking the knife from his friend.

I don’t understand why OJ would ever agree to an interview of this nature. It makes less than zero sense. He beat a double murder charge. That would make him one of the luckiest people to ever live if he actually did kill those two. You’d think somebody that just hit the metaphorical jackpot in life would just go away into isolation.

That’s not OJ’s style apparently. No, he gave an entire interview where he talked about how much he loved Nicole, excused allegations of domestic violence, talked about how he’s “cursed” Nicole at her grave following her death and made up excuse after excuse for everything he’s ever been accused of. He also kept switching between what was for sure factual and what was “hypothetical.” It was so bizarre to watch him get into the dark details and then quickly backtrack to remind people it was all hypothetical and not real. Good luck finding members of the audience who buy his reasoning.

The crazy part about this interview is that it wasn’t hard to see why OJ is so popular. He’s a smooth talker, he’s charismatic and he’s a real schmoozer. You forgot at times that this guy was accused of hacking two people to death.

The interview was just as interesting as I hoped it’d be, but there’s something strange about watching a man acquitted of a brutal double murder explain to America in stunning detail the “hypothetical” way he butchered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

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