Tucker, Jorge Ramos Clash Over Sanctuary Cities

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tucker Carlson and Univision host Jorge Ramos heartily debated sanctuary city laws Monday night on Fox News.

The interview opened with Carlson, a Daily Caller founder, debating Ramos on dual citizenship before turning toward the case of Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, a 26-year-old illegal immigrant who killed a truck driver in a hit and run accident in Colorado and was protected from ICE agents seeking his apprehension by the Denver Police Department.


“I don’t know why you want to become state media,” Ramos offered when asked about the specific case. “Because you are criminalizing majority of immigrants.”

“State media?” Carlson bemusedly responded. “I’m asking about this specific case.”

Ramos responded with something about “Donald Trump” before Carlson cut him off again: “Spare me your Univision talking points. I’m asking you a question.

“Okay, this is the argument,” Ramos conceded before dodging the question a second time. “The argument is that the vast majority of immigrants, you have heard this argument, the vast majority are not criminals and are less likely to be criminals or behind bars.”

The pair continued shouting over each other before Ramos stated he didn’t come on the show to “defend criminals.”

“But just to criminalize the entire immigrant population because of one person would be like if I were to criminalize the entire population because of Stephen Paddock.”

“Of course I agree with that, you should never attack people on the basis of things because of other people. I’m not talking about all people. I’m talking about this person who is protected by policies that you support and have advocated for and the rest of us are suffering because of that,” Carlson responded. “So why don’t you tell me why was it a good idea to let this guy out of jail, Mr. Neck tattoo charged with homicide?

“Again, I’m not here defending criminals,” Ramos dodged yet again. “But I think that sanctuary cities is a good idea. I think that somebody has to defend immigrants.”

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