Woman Gets 21 Years In The Slammer For Drugging Kids With Sleep Aids So She Could Tan, Work Out

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Oksana Kuzmina)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A daycare worker in Oregon was sentenced to 21 years of hard time in jail after she was caught slipping children sleep aids so she could get her body right.

32 year old January Neatherlin plead guilty to 11 counts of first degree criminal mistreatment and one count of third degree assault for running a negligent daycare, often leaving for hours to work out and run other errands. Neatherlin was in charge of Little Giggles daycare for about four years and had been reported multiple times by both her boyfriend and her roommate, The Oregonian reports.

According to authorities, Neatherlin would slip kids melatonin to buy herself a few hours for CrossFit workouts and tanning sessions. They also say she would tell parents not to stop in between the hours of 11 AM-2 PM because that was “nap time.” Only problem is, she was spotted at the gym during those hours.

I’m no child expert but I’m pretty sure slipping a bunch of kids sleep aids to get your body right isn’t the most advisable thing to do on the planet. I am, however, very big on melatonin. I’ve taken it a handful of times and can attest to the fact that it works wonders for your sleep cycle. Maybe this girl was just looking out for the good of the children’s REM patterns. Kids are often very pesky when they’re sleep deprived and also very reluctant to go down for a nap. I wouldn’t call January an innovator. All I’m saying is if I were one of her kids, I probably wouldn’t even be that mad. Very few people get enough sleep these days.

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