10 Irish Celebrities We Wouldn’t Mind Bumping Into At The Bar [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Caelin Mills Contributor
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This weekend America will celebrate the feast of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Most will do so by painting their faces green and wearing shirts that say, “Kiss me, I’m Irish,” whether they are or not.

We’ve compiled a list of celebrities with Irish heritage that you definitely wouldn’t mind bumping into at the bar. The luck o’ the Irish might not be an old wives tale after all. Whether these ladies got their looks due to luck or genetics, it’s only in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit that we acknowledge their Irish heritage.

No, none of these ladies are strictly Irish. Some contenders such as Anne Hathaway and Heather Graham have more Irish blood than others, such as Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Stone. However, no matter what nationalities they’re mixed with, it’s time to pay homage to their ancestors from the Emerald Isle.

Whether you’re drinking Jameson or green beer this weekend, we can guarantee it’d be a lot better with any one of these 10 Irish lassies.