Amy Schumer Won’t Change Her Last Name For Fear Of Sounding Like ‘Long Island Lolita’

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Jena Greene Reporter

Amy Schumer shocked the world and got married in secret last month to celebrity chef Chris Fischer.

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But the actress and comedian has zero intention to go with tradition and change her surname to her husband’s. She told her dad earlier this week that she’ll be keeping his name instead of her new spouse’s.

“I’m not Amy Fischer!” she exclaimed. “Do you remember who Amy Fisher is? The Long Island Lolita.”

The Long Island Lolita is the notorious woman who shot and seriously wounded her paramour’s wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco on her front doorstep in Massapequa, NY. Fisher served seven years in prison and later went on to act in adult films.

Not a ton of Schumer’s younger fans probably know what she’s talking about but the comedian is originally from Long Island and grew up right around when the incident occurred.

But I still don’t see why Schumer refuses to take her husband’s surname. It’s not like Amy Fisher is as notorious a name as Bundy or Bin Laden. What Amy Fisher did was horrible, there’s no way around it. But it’s pretty disrespectful to not take your husband’s last name. And it should take a lot more than a name like “Fisher” to prevent someone from taking that name. There are plenty of fine Fishers in the world. It’s probably best that Amy’s not one of them.

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