Sam ‘Can’t Stay Healthy’ Bradford Just Signed A Deal For Crazy High Money

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sam Bradford somehow convinced the Arizona Cardinals to pay him an outrageous amount of money.

ESPN Adam Schefter tweeted, “Sam Bradford to Arizona: 1-year for $20M, including $15M guaranteed; 1-year option for $20M, per source.”

I’m not mad at Bradford for getting paid a ridiculous amount of money. Why would anybody ever cheer against a man convincing a team to give him a bunch of money?

It’s just shocking that teams keep forking over money to an NFL quarterback who gets hurt like he’s made of glass. I’m not an NFL GM, although I’m sure I’d be great at the job, but I’m pretty sure handing over a ton of money to guys who can’t stay healthy seems like a really bad idea.

I hope Bradford can stay healthy, but I’ll be shocked if he does. History is obviously working against him.

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