QUIZ: Bernie Sanders Or Karl Marx–Can You Guess Who Said These Quotes?

Left: Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for MoveOn.org Right: Wikimedia commons

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Can you tell the difference between these Bernie Sanders and Karl Marx quotes?

Try our new quiz to see:

How many quotes did you guess correctly?

Sen. Sanders has described himself as a “democratic socialist.”

Sanders ran in 2016 on a platform of universal healthcare, free public college, and fighting against climate change. All of this would be financed by increasing taxation on millions of Americans. Indeed, he proposed a number of new taxes during his 2016 primary campaign.

About his democratic socialist beliefs, Sanders has said, “What it means is that we have a lot to learn from democratic socialist governments that have existed in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, where all people have healthcare as a right, where higher education is free.”

“Where they have strong childcare program. Where they don’t have the massive type of income and wealth inequality that we have in the United States of America.” (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Know’: Cruz Asks Bernie What The Difference Is Between Democrat And Socialists On Taxes [VIDEO])

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