Bride Arrested For DUI While Driving To Her Wedding


Jena Greene Reporter
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A woman in Arizona was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence on the way to her wedding on Monday.

Not only was she driving drunk to her wedding, she also managed to get herself into a three car pileup while she was at it.

Amber Young, 32, was arrested and took a ride in a cop car to the Marana Police substation where she had her blood drawn, got her record updated, and waited for her fiancé to come pick her up. It’s unclear whether or not the wedding was still on after the incident.

According to local news station KVOA, one person was transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries caused by the accident.

I’m not going to criticize anyone who wants to get a little loose before their wedding. Most people only want to get married once and, since it’s supposed to be a pretty big day, it’s understandable that some folks get pretty lit beforehand. What I can’t understand is why this poor broad was driving herself. Even this was an elopement, she could’ve treated herself to an Uber. Consider it a little wedding present to herself. But now she’s got a record and her poor fiancé probably has no idea what he got himself into. Not to mention, Amber Young looks pretty good in the above photo. I bet she had a killer mugshot. The couple could find the silver lining in this and include it in the wedding album.

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