Rep. Swalwell: House Intel Committee Report ‘Invites Another Attack’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Following the House Intel Committee’s finding that there is no Russian collusion from the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell alleged the “report invites another attack, not just Russia but other adversaries with similar capabilities” Tuesday morning on CNN.


“So Republicans on the House Intel committee abruptly shut down their Russia investigation and then decided to buck the intelligence community’s assessment that Vladimir Putin was trying to help Donald Trump win the White House,” host Chris Cuomo began. “There’s just tons of proof of that suggestion. Why they decided to reject it we don’t understand. And, they did this without telling any Democrats on their committee, which is just a reflection of how partisan it had all become. Joining us now is one of those Democrats in the dark, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California. Am wrong, or did you find out about this on Twitter?”

“Saw it on Twitter,” Swalwell replied. “Saw it on Twitter, and saw breaking news alerts coming in. More importantly than the process is that this report invites another attack, not just from Russia but other adversaries with similar capabilities.”

“They look at us at being weak,” he continued. “They may not stay on the sidelines as they have in the past. They may try to get their preferred candidates and policies through in upcoming elections.”

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