MSNBC Guest: Trump Is ‘Is Half A Rally Away’ From ‘Using The N-Word’

Justin Caruso Contributor

A guest on MSNBC Monday said that President Trump is “half a rally away” from using the n-word.


The Root’s Jason Johnson said, “I have more respect for the people at this rally. They know who Maxine Waters is, they know who she represents, they know who Nancy Pelosi is.”

“He’s half a rally away from using the n-word. It’s that basic,” he added. “He is half a rally away from just calling somebody the n-word and everyone is going to pretend that they’re shocked and everybody on The Apprentice is going to say he used it all the time.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panelist On Puerto Rico: Trump Believes ‘Only White People Are True Americans’ [VIDEO])

“That’s what he does–he has a hostility and anger towards women of color,” he added.

Trump said at a rally over the weekend that Maxine Waters was a “very low IQ individual.” (RELATED: Trump Claims Maxine Waters Is A ‘Low IQ Individual’ [VIDEO])

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