Pennsylvania May Slap Parents With A Fine If Their Kid Bullies Others

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

The Pennsylvania state legislature is considering a bill that would fine parents if their child bullies others.

The bill, introduced by state Democratic Rep. Frank Burns, holds parents financially responsible for $500 should their kid bully a child after three warnings, reports Fox 43.

Children would have three strikes before their parents would have to hand over money. In the first instance of bullying, the school would be required to tell parents how they handled the harassment. The second time it happens, parents are mandated to take a class on the best ways to handle bullying and go to a conference on bullying.

Should it happen a third time, parents would be fined up to $500 or have to undergo community service and receive a court citation.

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“Bullying is underreported and often unaddressed in any meaningful way,” Burns said. “When it’s not addressed, bullying can escalate quickly from taunts and hurtful online posts to physical assaults and—in worst cases—suicide. Holding students, parents and officials at all levels accountable is the only way to put an end to this scourge.”

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