‘Eternally Grateful’ — Rex Tillerson Honors U.S. Armed Forces As He Steps Down AS Secretary Of State

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke to reporters Tuesday and honored the sacrifices of the U.S. military in his speech.


“To the men and women in uniform, I’m told for the first time in most people’s memory that the Department of State and the Department of Defense have a close working relationship where we all agree that the U.S. leadership starts with diplomacy,” Tillerson said.

“The men and women in uniform in the Department of Defense under the leadership of Secretary Mattis and General Dunford protect us as Americans and our way of life daily, at home and abroad. As an all-volunteer military, they do it for love of country, they do it for you, and they do it for me, and for no other reason.”

“As Americans, we are all eternally grateful to each of them and we honor their sacrifices.”

News broke that Tillerson will step down from his position as secretary of state Tuesday. (RELATED: Trump Fires Tillerson, Moves Pompeo, Picks New CIA Director)

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