Women Make Music Video To Raise Support For Putin

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

Women dressed in scantily clad lingerie made a music video to raise support for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to win the upcoming presidential election Sunday.

Girl band Fabrika created a pop music video called “Vova Vova,” an affectionate nickname for Vladimir, to show their love for the Russian president, the Daily Mail reported. Band members Irina Tonova, 40, Alexandra Savelieva, 34, and Alexandra Popova, 26, gyrate and fawn over pictures of a shirtless Putin. The video depicted the singers initially affixing a horseback-riding half-naked Putin photograph to a mirror. One of the singers then put on a veil and pretended to marry the Russian leader.

Another scene showed the three women reading a TIME magazine with Putin on the cover. The singers turned on a Soviet-style television, which flashes an image of the president. Most of the video had the women fantasizing over the 65-year-old president, but they also danced provocatively with a gigantic stuffed fish and a decorative vase.

“Vova, our boss, beloved Vova. Vova, handsome guy, our beloved boss. Vova, the boss, beloved Vova. Vova, only him,” they sing in the chorus.

“Tomorrow we will meet him at the corporate party. And I will come up to him with a glass of Martini. And we’ll continue at his place (super). It is too late, girls, tomorrow, Vova and I are getting married,” the women sing in another verse.

Another portion of the video depicted the singers on workout bikes; they included a clip on their official Instagram page Monday.

You can watch the full video below:


Another video shows 300 drivers using their cars to make out a large design forming the right side of Putin’s face.

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Putin is expected to win the upcoming election with 69 percent of the vote.

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