South Korea Has Bizarre Fake British Town [PHOTOS]

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

South Korea has a fake British town where tourists can pretend they are visiting England despite being near to one of the most dangerous borders in the world.

“Gyeonggi English Village” in the town of Paju is meant to resemble England and includes a replica Stonehenge, British guards, red phone booths, and English writing on buildings. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is located a few miles northeast of the town, reported the Daily Mail. The fake British attractions are a part of an English language camp that allows people to learn the language and get immersed in western culture. The camp also has a British pub and hosts English musicals performances.

The camp has more than 700 English-speaking tutors for people, especially residents from Paju, to learn the language and gain more global awareness. The campus, which measures approximately three million square feet, was first constructed in 2006 and cost approximately $83 million to build.

The “Little England” has a wide range of programs for different age groups to learn English, including drawing classes, yoga, family classes about making T-shirts, and cooking classes. One class focuses entirely on teaching children various words and to draw the letter “s,” according to a class description.

Tourists can take pictures with iconic British security guard statues. (Photo: YouTube via Adity Maejun)

Tourists can visit the fake Stonehenge in Little England. (Photo: a12389b via YouTube)

Visitors can hear propaganda music blasting from North Korea. (Photo: Brandon Stevens via YouTube)

Iconic images are found in the village. (Photo: Brandon Stevens via YouTube)

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The camp has another campus in Yangpyeong and Seoul.

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