‘Villain Explaining His Plan’ — Ben Shapiro Slams Abortion Doctor For Sickening Tweet

Ben Shapiro The Daily Wire Youtube screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Correction: Editors have corrected the first paragraph to show that the doctor later explained she was referring in the tweet to cutting the fetus’ umbilical cord, which is legal, not the vocal cord as interpreted by Twitter and reported on here.

An abortion doctor recently sent a tweet interpreted by many to say she cut the throats of fetuses so they can’t scream, angering many who are pro-life. The doctor later clarified the procedure in another tweet – now deleted – saying that she was referring to the umbilical cord, not the vocal cord.

“Abortion provider” Leah Torres tweeted:

Ben Shapiro responded:

Shapiro wasn’t the only one horrified with this description of abortion:

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