FBI Exec: Parkland Shooter Threat Was ‘Explicit’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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An FBI executive admitted during a Senate hearing on Wednesday that the FBI failed to follow up on an “explicit” threat from Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.


Shortly after February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, news outlets reported that the FBI was alerted that Cruz made a threatening post on Youtube about how he wanted to become a school shooter.

During a Senate hearing on school shootings, David Bowdich, the FBI acting deputy director admitted that there was an “explicit” threat reported to the FBI that was not followed up on.

“No sir, we did not,” Bowdich said when asked if the FBI had reached out to local law enforcement to warn them about Cruz. “I do not know why the call taker did not do so. You know, she conferred with her supervisor and she made some sort of a presentation about what was contained in that call.”

“The call was very explicit however they made a decision to close it, no lead value, and no call was made to the local jurisdiction,” he concluded.

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