15 Genius Quotes From Stephen Hawking [SLIDESHOW]

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Stephen Hawking, legendary theoretical physicist, cosmologist, mathematician and author, died peacefully at home Wednesday. He was 76 years old.

Despite being most known his academic accomplishments, Hawking has also captured the world’s attention with his resilience. At age 21, the scientist was diagnosed with ALS, and told he would only live for two more years.

Fifty-five years later, although paralyzed and unable to speak, Hawking had an incredible impact on our current understanding of the universe.

He is known for making various famous discoveries about the universe as we know it. He expanded Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, proving how smaller masses aren’t just attracted to larger masses through gravitational pulls, but how smaller masses actually curve around larger masses.

He expanded the “Big Bang” theory and suggested a possibility that the universe began as a speck of something that rapidly expanded. He also theorized that black holes emit radiation and can be split into smaller black holes.

Hawking has lived an incredible life, and proof of his genius, resilience and clear view of the universe can be understood through the things he has been recorded saying in his remarkable 76 years of life. So, in memory of his unmatched brilliance, here are some of his most famous quotes.