Is God Using Jailed Rapper Meek Mill To Lead Prison Reform?

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Rapper Meek Mill claimed that God picked him to lead criminal justice reforms in Pennsylvania Tuesday, and made the comments from a jail cell where he was placed for parole infringements.

Many argue Mill, 30, was wrongly imprisoned and accuse his parole judge of corruption, a charge the FBI is currently looking into, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Mill has been in conflict with the law since he was convicted on drug and gun possession charges in 2008 and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Judge Genece Brinkley handed him a two-to-four-year sentence for breaking parole in November, despite prosecutors only seeking an extension of Mill’s parole. The FBI is probing Brinkley for possible corruption after reports came to light that she may have engaged in extortion on behalf of Mill’s former manager, Charlie Mack.

“I think it’s about time Pennsylvania had some light shined on the system,” Mill said via telephone to protestors at the University of Pennsylvania. “God picked me to be the one to bring the light to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the world, and I accept it, and I’m going to stand up to it.”

Brinkley reportedly knows Mack, and has repeatedly petitioned Mill to drop his current manager and rehire him. Mack also reportedly contacted Mill saying he knew the judge and would smooth out his court proceedings if he dropped his current manager. Mill did not comply.

Mill has another confinement hearing before Brinkley scheduled for April 16, and his family and friends are requesting that Philadelphia’s far-left district attorney, Larry Krasner, step in before then on Mill’s behalf.

“I’m begging the DA Krasner, can he please help me out, help a lot of other people,” Mill’s mother, Kathy Williams, told reporters. “This is a battle it seems like I can’t get over. Can you please, Krasner, look into everything and help me and my son?”

The University of Pennsylvania also hosted Rev. Al Sharpton who lashed out at alleged injustices in the city.

“This is larger than Meek,” Sharpton said. “If you’re a mobster in Philly, you get a good lawyer and go home. If you violate probation, you get thrown in jail for two to four.”

Brinkley justified her sentence, saying that Mill had a long history of breaking his parole, which already had extremely lax parameters. She blasted him in court for the same in 2015 after he broke parole for the fourth time. She argued he showed repeated disrespect for the law and refused to notify the court of his out-of-town travel plans and submitted false urine samples at drug tests.

“How many times am I supposed to give him chances? You know I’ve been helping him since 2009,” Brinkley asked Mill’s attorney. “I ask you, how many times am I supposed to give him a second, third, fourth, fifth chance?”

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