Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Chose The Sex Of Her Third Child

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Family Equality Council )

Jena Greene Reporter
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Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child via surrogate with husband Kanye West this January. And while the new mom has been keeping a low profile since the birth of Chicago, she gave an interview with Elle magazine this week and spoke at length about her surrogacy.

She detailed picking out her surrogate and the diet she followed during the pregnancy. But the detail grabbing headlines today is that she was able to select the gender of her baby before it was even implanted. Which sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

She detailed the embryo-selection process with her doctor to Elle. “It’s a really tricky thing,” she said. “What sex do you put in? I just said, “Which one is the healthiest? Pick the healthiest one,’ and that was a girl.”

I wasn’t even aware gender could be determined that early on. Last time I checked, sex could be detected after about the third month. And Kim’s embryos probably weren’t three months along. I’m not sure whether Kim has access to doctors from another millennium (I wouldn’t be surprised if she did) or if she practiced a little black magic before her trip to the doctor but this definitely sounds like it’s teetering on the border of ethics.

Especially since Kim says she doesn’t have any interest in having kids anymore. So those less healthy embryos probably have no chance of seeing the light of day.

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