Rubio: Parkland Killer ‘Was Worst Kept Secret’ In Town

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Sen. Marco Rubio lamented the Florida’s inability to take firearms away from Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz during a Wednesday interview with Fox News.


“This killer was the worst-kept secret in Parkland. As soon as they shooting happened they knew he was,” Rubio said stated. “He was never arrested despite multiple visits to the home. We don’t know where he was in the school discipline chart, just look at reporting everybody knew he was still a problem.”

“This guy was able to buy guns. There was no way to stop it.”

Rubio is in the midst of pushing for legislation which will incentivize funds for states that pass laws allowing authorities to take away guns from suspected mentally ill citizens while still providing them with due process.

“If today you believe someone was going to do something like this, you can report it, but there’s very little you can do to remove guns from someone until that person’s adjudicated, gone to jail or something like that,” the senator said at a recent press conference.