Conservative Street Artist Takes Aim At Arnold Schwarzenegger With #MeToo Posters

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A conservative street artist that goes by the name Sabo took aim at Arnold Schwarzenegger Wednesday with a series of #MeToo movie posters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The posters showed up in southern California’s Venice Beach and Santa Monica near the action hero’s office. They feature Schwarzenegger alongside Harvey Weinstein under the title “Twins” and the words “MeToo” across them. The artwork replicated similar posters from the comedy the former governor of California did with Danny DeVito thirty years ago.

The posters bear the message, “Only their victims can tell them apart.”

The reference to the social media campaign alludes to allegations Schwarzenegger mistreated women he worked with more than a decade ago.

Schwarzenegger is also shown wearing a large button in the faux ads that read “No Fossil Fuels” while the disgraced movie mogul has a button on that read, “No NRA.”

Sabo told the outlet that the posters were designed to call out the actor’s “hypocrisy and virtue signaling” as an environmentalist after he used to be seen “tooling around the streets of Hollywood in a huge Hummer back in the days when the skies were literally brown.”

Over the weekend, Schwarzenegger made news at the SXSW event in Texas when he said he threatened to sue oil companies “for knowingly killing people all over the world.”

The rest of the posters can be seen here.