Media Powerhouse Viacom Produces Violent Shows, Also Now Supports Gun Control

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Media giant Viacom has gone all in to support the gun control protest March For Our Lives.

Viacom released a massive statement on its website, and stated in part:

This series of efforts across MTVBETNickelodeonParamount NetworkComedy CentralTV LandCMTand other properties will include partnerships with a coalition of organizations and students that are working to make America’s schools safer and reduce gun violence.

In addition, Shari Redstone, Vice Chair of Viacom’s Board, is personally championing the work of the student activists, contributing time and resources, including a $500,000 donation, to the March For Our Lives movement.

To be crystal clear, March For Our Lives was founded and pushed by students of Stoneman Douglas High School after 17 people were killed there by a gunman in February. One of the main students in the movement is David Hogg, whose Twitter is nothing but anti-NRA messages and pro-gun control.

It’s pretty rich that now Viacom has a problem with guns, especially considering they run MTV and Paramount Network. MTV has promoted musicians who sing about violence, and the Paramount Network just ran the “WACO” series, which feature guns as a major part of the show. It was a great show, but are we really now going to pretend that the show didn’t feature weapons? Even better, Paramount Network is also producing “Yellowstone,” which is another violent and dark show.

It seems Viacom’s message for America is do what we say and not what we do. They have no problems producing and promoting violent content, and at the same time they promote gun control groups. They have no problem making money off guns. The hypocrisy of Hollywood knows no ends.

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