The 98-Year-Old Loyola Chaplain Is As Fired Up For March Madness As Anyone

(Photo credit: screenshot/Twitter March Madness TV)

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Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt may be 98 years old, but she’s a bigger basketball fan than most of the people tuning into watch the March Madness.

In Loyola’s first trip to the NCAA Tournament in 33 years, the Ramblers pulled of a thrilling, last-second upset against the University of Miami. As always, the team chaplain and biggest fan was there to witness it.

The 98-year-old super fan often sends the Loyola coach and his players detailed feedback after games, but she had nothing but praise for the team and God above after the game on Thursday afternoon.

“Thank God you did it because we knew we would do it,” she told a reporter after Loyola’s big win. “And when we were in the locker room ahead of the game we just knew that we would do this. Our team is so great and they don’t care who makes the points as long as we win the game. And I said we were going to get the big W up there and we did.”

As for what she told the team before the game:

“We asked God to help us. And I told God that we would do our part if he would do his part, and I hoped the referees would call the right kind of a game, that nobody would get injured, that we play with confidence and we know we’d win the game. And then at the end when the buzzer rang, we wanted to be sure the score said we had the big W.”