Chris Cuomo: Trump Is Comfortable With ‘Truth Abuse’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo accused President Donald Trump of being “comfortable with truth abuse” on Thursday.


Cuomo cited Trump’s recent meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wherein Trump reportedly made up facts to get a better trade deal with Canada. Trump insisted that the U.S. had a trade deficit with Canada, and when Trudeau challenged him on the claim, Trump sent an aide to go check the facts. (RELATED: Trump Admits He Made Up Facts Trying To Get A Better NAFTA Deal With Canada)

The CNN host often bends over backwards to avoid using the word “liar” in relation to the president, so in this case, he said that Trump is “very comfortable with truth abuse.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Explodes On Matt Schlapp: ‘If I Want To Call You A Liar’) 

“At the end of the day with all this left right…those who are loyal with Trump will say they do not care what he does,” he continued. “They will say, well this is deal-making and he’s savvy and they all do it.”

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