Pro Baseball Player Danry Vasquez Is (Not) Engaged To The Woman He Brutally Beat

Danry Vasquez (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube KRIS 6 News)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Danry Vasquez is not engaged to the woman he was arrested for brutally beating back in 2016, despite earlier reporting by TMZ.

The video of Vasquez beating his girlfriend was recently released, and has been blowing up the internet because of the level of savagery he used against a defenseless woman.

TMZ initially reported that he’s actually engaged to his unidentified girlfriend* and victim of his heinous violence. That has since been updated. They initially reported the following:

TMZ Sports has learned … Danry Vasquez and his girlfriend are describing themselves as a “happy couple” … roughly a year-and-a-half after he was arrested for the violent incident.

Multiple sources tell us … Danry’s GF begged prosecutors not to push forward with criminal charges after the arrest and stuck by his side the entire time.

The two got engaged around Nov. 2017. 

This situation is way too similar to the Ray Rice incident, and it should make everybody uncomfortable. How does a woman stay with a man who took her into a staircase and then beat the living hell out of her? I will never understand how that’s possible.

It’s also worth noting again that Vasquez got a plea deal and the case was ultimately dismissed. That’s unacceptable on a million different levels. Any district attorney who saw this video should have pushed to lock him up for a very long time. No justifiable reason or excuse as to why Vasquez wasn’t sent to prison for his brutal actions.

*UPDATE: This piece has been updated to reflect the updated TMZ’s new report and information on the situation.

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