Who’s Your Favorite Irish-American President? Vote Here.

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Many of our recent presidents have Irish heritage, including Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and John F. Kennedy.

Who is your favorite Irish-American president?

Give an up vote or down vote to these recent Irish presidents to cast your vote!

The Irish have had a huge effect on the culture and politics of the United States. Irish have been present in the United States since the colonial era, and their, food, faith, and cultural traditions have made their mark on America.
John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic president, with all others before him being Protestant Christians. Kennedy is also one of the most well known Irish-Americans. There hasn’t been another Catholic president since Kennedy, but there have been several more Irish. (RELATED: Pro-Lifers To Hand Deliver Letter To Irish Prime Minister On St. Patty’s Day WH Visit)
Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, and Barack Obama all have some Irish heritage.
A very Happy St. Patricks Day to all readers!

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