Lots Of Millennials Believe They’re Having A Life Crisis – Sad!

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A new study revealed that a majority of millennials think they’re having a quarter-life crisis.

BroBible reported the following on the study:

Six in ten millennials are suffering from a “quarter-life crisis,” according to a new poll of 2,000 people between the ages of 25 and 35-years-old. The results of the study found that 56 percent of the respondents are struggling to cope with financial, career and personal pressures.

53 percent of these same young adults say they are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and a third reveal their current living situation has led to feelings of despair.

Millennials can cry me a river. I’m a millennial and the vast majority of us having absolutely nothing to be complaining about. Here’s the problem with many people in my generation: we were raised to be weak and soft.

People my age are offended by the wind changing directions. It’s embarrassing on every single level. You pump one of them in a bar and they either think you’re trying to fight or that you just assaulted them. That’s also on the mild end.

Millennials suck. That’s simply the truth. We complain too much, we’re not tough in any sense of the word, we’re lazy and we think the world owes us everything. Now, that’s not to say all millennials are that way. Of course that’s not the case, but the idea that a majority of us have crises  to deal with is outrageous. We’re living in America, this country is awesome, we might have some problems but the most of us are just fine.

Stop the complaining and get back to living life.

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