‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Savages Politically Correct Celebrities With One Tweet


Jena Greene Reporter
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It’s no secret that “Wheel Of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is a savage. Not only does he host America’s Game, troll competing gameshow hosts like “Jeopardy’s” Alex Trebek, and give out incredible family vacations every weeknight, he also knows his place in the world. And it’s not in politics.

He’s amassed a pretty big following on Twitter over the last five or so years by offering up funny and original content. Some samples include:

Pat Sajak’s timeline has got it all.

Almost all of it, actually. One thing it doesn’t have is politics. You won’t find any pontificating, no trolling, no wordy monologues about healthcare, tax reform, or gun laws.

Today, he tweeted a very important promise to his followers regarding politics.

“I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines,” he tweeted. “Time to get involved, take a stand, make a difference. Announcing formation of Celebrities Who Mind Their Own Business. Join me now…before it’s too late.”

This isn’t the first time Sajak has called celebrities out for their preachy tactics, either.

It’s quite possible that Pat Sajak is the wokest host in the game, and possibly even celebrity out there. No wonder he’s the host of one of the longest running shows in the history of television. Jimmy Kimmel should consider taking a page from his script.

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