Former Clinton Campaign Manager Tells Bizarre Story About Hillary

Hillary Clinton Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook told a strange story about the failed Democratic presidential candidate during an appearance on a podcast this week.


On the “Party People” podcast, Mook was asked about his “favorite Hillary story.”

Mook responded, “I remember on the plane, she had this lawn chair. And so you’re on an airplane, right?”

“It was like those lawn chairs that you fold up and you put a beer in? And she would always like, every time I traveled on the plane, she’d be like, ‘Robby, pull out the chair!'”

“And I’d, like, set up this chair in the middle and she would kind of, like, wrap herself up in a blanket. And you know, we would just, like, kick it!”

“And she would talk about, like, you know, Netflix and like, shows. I don’t know! That’s the Hillary that I know.” (RELATED: Mook: It Was Russia’s Fault That Hillary Couldn’t Talk About ‘What She Was Going To Do To Help People’ [VIDEO])

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