SOURCE: Dem Accusations Against Trump Nominee ‘Totally Made Up’

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Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Democratic rationale for holding up a vote on the Trump administration’s nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is news to the nominee himself, a source close to Grenell tells The Daily Caller.

The accusations surfaced publicly via CNN’s Jake Tapper who relayed alleged concerns from Democratic lawmakers on Thursday:

The Democratic accusations come while the White House is making a concerted push to have the Senate confirm Grenell, a Harvard educated diplomat who served as a United Nations spokesman for the U.S. during the Bush administration.

Democratic lawmakers have stalled Grenell’s confirmation through a lengthier-than-usual procedural process.

“Senator Schumer’s hyper-political delay on Mr. Grenell puts our national security, and America’s foreign policy interests, in jeopardy, “White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Friday. “The Senate should move to confirm him immediately.”

A source close to Grenell told TheDC the accusations from Democratic lawmakers are “totally made up,” adding “The fact is this is a brand new anonymous charge from a clearly partisan person to a reporter. How are people supposed to confront attacks like this?”

Grenell noted that Tapper’s tweets are the first concerns he’s publicly heard throughout the entire process.

TheDC’s source also pointed to his oft repeated advocacy on twitter to prosecute leakers of classified information.

A Daily Caller review of Grenell’s tweets about Wikileaks revealed frustration with establishment media outlets for not reporting the content of emails deemed damaging for then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, rather than direct praise for the government transparency publisher.

“Not having a serving American ambassador under the American flag beside the Brandenburg Gate is not a good symbol for the deep friendship that we have with the United States,” a German lawmaker told Fox News in February.